What do the Dots mean?



Hi Everyone -

Apologies for what is probably a really stupid question, but I can’t find anything in the help section, but what do the Dots located to the left of the Project name in the side bar signify. One is a different color than the others.



This is the color of the project, you can customize it in the project parameters. Once done all the bubbles in your MyTasks or Inbox will have the colors of their corresponding project, this is very useful to distinguish all the tasks.


Thanks for chiming in here, @Julien_RENAUD! :slight_smile:

@Dan_Karp, this color is your project’s highlight color. Feel free to take a look at the link below and scroll down to the “Project colors” header to learn more: https://asana.com/guide/help/projects/actions#gl-move-projects


Thanks @Julien_RENAUD. Totally helped!