What can people see in the free version?

I just wanted to confirm that in the free version of Asana, team members can see all projects in all teams in their organisation [just like a workspace]. For teams projects to be private you’ll have to purchase the full version, correct?

Hi Phil, yes in free version everyone can see everything OR you can create private projects just for you. Only thing premium version offers in this regard is to have projects accessed by several people only.

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If you’re interested, here’s the full list of premium features Asana Premium - Effectively Plan and Manage Team Projects • Asana

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I am new to Asana. I’ve had my account for awhile, but I’m finally using it out for two purposes. One is to organize a group project for a college class, and the other is to organize a project for a client that is wholly confidential. I have created two teams: one for the college class and another for the client. I have to keep the client’s stuff private and confidential so my college classmates cannot see it.

  1. Can I keep my teams separate and private from each other in the free version?
  2. If I upgrade, can I only upgrade the team that is my client so I can pass off the cost to them?
  3. If I can upgrade only my client, will I lose all the information I have populated in doing so?

Hello Alexis, can you help answer the questions I’ve just posted to this thread? It seems my post only identified “kshengelia”
Thanks Alexis