What Can Admins See and Not See In Asana

It is unclear to me whether or not admins can see private teams.

In our organization we have a private team. I am not a member of this team. I am a member of 2 projects in that team.

Could there be more projects in this team that I am unaware of because I cannot actually view them?

Hi, @Matthew_Metros1 - Admins can access all teams, even private ones. However, admins cannot access private projects or private tasks.

Private projects can exist in any team type (Public, Membership by Request, or Private).

Private tasks are either tasks in private projects or tasks created in somebody’s “My Tasks” that they haven’t added to a project.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any private tasks assigned to a user will become visible to an admin (or another designated person) if that user is deprovisioned.

Any other questions? I hope that helps.

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@Matthew_Metros1 - the easiest way for an admin to see private teams (and join if needed) is from the Admin Console, using the teams section on the left navigation bar.


If you want to quickly join teams in bulk, you can go to Admin Console > Members > click the 3 dots to the right of your name > Edit Profile Settings > Team Access > and click “Add to team” on any teams you want to join.

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