What are your best time-saving tricks with Asana?



In response to a new blog post (5 Ways to Save Time in Your Workday with Asana), I’m curious to know what you all’s best time-saving tricks in Asana are. What features/tricks do you use to be more efficient and save time?

Personally, I’m a huge fan of creating a “form task” at the top of every project with repetitive tasks (e.g. a social media sharing request project or an editorial calendar) that I can copy and re-use every time I create a new one… kind of like a canned response in email.

I also color-code favorited projects (red for meetings, blue for private projects, yellow for projects I own, orange for projects I participate in, gray for reference projects) to help find things quicker.


@Jessie_Beck, I too use colors to help distinguish between the type of reports. In fact, I’d love a few more choices. Hint, hint if you’re listening @Alexis. :wink:

I have also found that custom fields are a great time saver. I use them for priority level and I am able to sort easily.

Another time saver is to create and save custom reports. I currently have the following that I check regularly. 1.) Critical Tasks (using my priority custom field) 2.) Tasks Assigned to Me 3.) Tasks Due next 30 Days 4.) Mobile App tasks (one of my cross-project projects :slight_smile: is to build a mobile app so i built a report using tags) .


Keyboard Shortcuts :star_struck: