Welcome to the Asana for Nonprofits Accelerator Program!

Asana for Nonprofits is proud to announce our partnership with NetHope, supporting their mission and the missions of their member organizations to address the world’s most pressing environmental, conservation & humanitarian crises, through collective action, collaboration and the transformational power of technology.

Over the next three months, Asana for Nonprofits is launching a diverse array of webinars, consultation sessions and enablement bootcamps designed with intentionality and shared with purpose- to help teams to scale their capacity for the good that they do.

Asana for Nonprofits Accelerator Program

Asana for Nonprofits Bootcamps:

Each A4N Bootcamp is a self-guided and progressive curriculum designed to support webinar attendees with an educational foundation that prepares them to engage & benefit from each webinar. Bootcamps are template projects customers import into their space with a click of a button that are aligned with learning objectives designed to support the goals of each upcoming webinar training.

  • Click here to download the Asana for Nonprofits(A4N) Bootcamp #1 and learn how to:

    • Create an action plan that captures and organizes work that needs to be done;
    • Manage stakeholders effectively by having a centralized location for program partners the access, view and stay up to date with who is doing what by when and;
    • Communicate progress effectively, sharing updates and data stakeholders need to see.
  • Click here to download the Asana for Nonprofits(A4N) Bootcamp #2 and learn how to:

    • Standardize and streamline your action plan project to avoid needing to start from scratch the next time you need to launch the next one, while trusting your data;
    • Manage multiple projects to scale the deployment of more than one action plan at a time;
    • Communicate your team’s progress, by sharing updates and data program partners & stakeholders need to see.


The Asana for Nonprofits program will be hosting webinars monthly from June to September. Each will focus on a critical nonprofit use case, featuring a nonprofit customer and guest speaker, who shares their aspirational story of impact, accompanied by a customer success manager who unpacks how their success with Asana is possible for you!

Upcoming webinars, once scheduled, will be announced in the Nonprofit news section of the forum, though we’ll comment with the registration link below as well.


Consult for You: C4U Sessions are office hours held two weeks after each webinar, to hold space for attendees to validate their work in Asana. Our goal is to support the learning objectives that month, which we’ve designed to guide your journey toward becoming an Asana guru, guided by our own Asana experts!

Scale impact with templates

If your team manages deadline driven projects, processes or initiatives, like fundraising campaigns or grant lifecycles that you know you’ll do more than once, then this free virtual workshop training is for you. This workshop will show you how to streamline processes in Asana, to save time and scale your team’s capacity to do even more good!

  • Location: Virtual
  • Date: Tuesday, October 4th, 2022
  • Time: 9:00 AM (PDT)

Register by clicking the link below :point_down:

We hope this is the first of many, so make sure to sign up, join us and let us know which of the above you’re most excited about below!


:speaking_head: Upcoming Event Announcement :speaking_head:

Registration for our first Consult for You training is now live!
To learn more about our first consult for You session, click this link to our forum post learn more!.

Register click our event page via the link below:

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:speaking_head: Upcoming Event Announcement :speaking_head:

Registration for our upcoming webinar is now live!

To learn more click this link to our forum announcement- to join, click our link below:

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