Weighing factors

Hi Asana,

I recently started using Asana and it has already shown me it’s potential to monitor our project progress .
However, a key part to determine our projects progress is based on different tasks having different weighing factors. (some tasks are more difficult than others)
Is it possible or will it become possible in the premium version of Asana to assign different weighing factors on the tasks?

Without this function I wouldn’t be able to get the budget I need to go Premium.

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You can add a custom field with your weight and attach a color to it. Would that work for you?

Hi Bastien,

Thank you for your reply.

I am not sure we are talking about the same thing.

How Asana calculates the progress is based on the tasks. 25/100 tasks complete would result in a 25% progress.
I’m working in the electrical industry and we have different activities.
For example:
Project= Make a new cable tray and install 99 cables on it.

Making the new cabletray would require 50% of the worktime. And pulling the cables would take the other half.
Together it would be 100 tasks in Asana. If I spend 50% of the required time on 1 task. Asana will show me 1% progress where it actually is 50% of the work.

For me to use Asana will require the possibility to assign a weight of 50% to 1 task and 50% to the other 99.

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Ok I missed the point indeed. I never heard of anything like this being worked on. In my opinion this is not something that they would do soon, but this is a personal opinion. This is however the kind of things @Sami_Linnanvuo might be able to do with his dashboard on Screenful.

Thanks @Bastien_Siebman for tagging us! @Bram_Jansen We are indeed going to provide this functionality in our Screenful add-on. You’ll be able to see the progress based on weights assigned in custom fields. It’s not launched yet but at this very moment I’m already using custom fields in our test instance. So I think we’ll be releasing it within 1-2 weeks.

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Hi! Has this become a thing yet? Or something similar?

Yes!!! Please let me know if this is a function yet!! Being able to weight tasks would be incredible for our tracking.

Is it already done? May I have the tutorial please?