Weekly report of tasks added by each user




Is it possible to get a report at the end of each week, of how many tasks a user creates per week in a project, and the number of likes their tasks get?



Hi @Isam_Uraiqat

Do you have a premium account? In advanced search you can add a filter for tasks created by an individual:


In the Dates section, you can filter by the date the tasks were created.

You can’t filter just for likes, but you can filter for ‘Liked by’, which could include all of the members of that project.

That combination should just about give you what you need, and then you can go back to that advanced search report any time and it will always be up to date.


Great thanks a lot. We will be upgrading to premium soon and will be able to use it then

Is there a way to export that search report into a google doc? Or have it sent every week by a bot?




Hey @Isam_Uraiqat; Michael from Asana here

Sure thing! You can export the contents of this search into CSV file format, which you can then view in Google Sheets. Additionally, once you run this search you have the option to save the report in order to run it as often as you like in the future, using the same terms.

Hope this helps!


@Michael_A this is great thanks so much.

I want to know if this process can be also automated, can I create the search and send it to IFTTT to save it and create a report and send out to the team?

Also, in the custom search, I was not able to specify the column in the project in which the tasks were created, is that possible with custom fields? Or any other way?