Weekly Recurring Task Skips Next Expected Date

I have a weekly recurring task scheduled for every Sunday. I kept pushing the task off and finally completed it four days later on Thursday. The next task wasn’t generated for the next Sunday, which is three days later. Instead, it generated for the Sunday after that, which is 10 days later. Is this expected behavior or a bug?

Hi @wreade yes that is expected behaviour. Even though it’s only 3 days away it will also reocurr on the Sunday.

If you waited weeks to complete the task it would create overdue tasks for the Sundays you missed.


Hi @wreade and welcome to the Forum!

As @Jason_Woods mentioned, this is an expected behaviour. The interval you’ve set for your task’s recurrence will determine the new due date (I believe in your case is every one week).

You can read more about it in our Guide article: https://asana.com/guide/help/tasks/fields#gl-recurring-tasks.

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@Jason_Woods and @Natalia, thanks for your replies. Unfortunately, I’m still confused. :slight_smile:

If I am reading your responses correctly, both of you expected the next task to be generated to be dated Sunday, July 14, not Sunday, July 21 as I saw.

Just be clear, here is a list of what happened with the dates.

  1. I have a recurring task that appears every one week on Sunday.
  2. The first instance of this recurring task was Sunday, July 7.
  3. I completed the task on Thursday, July 11, four days after the original due date.
  4. Asana generated the next task for Sunday, July 21, 10 days after the date I completed the recurring task and completely skipped Sunday, July 14.


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I traded some messages with support. This was not expected behavior. I was able to replicate this issue but now I can’t and neither can support. So, now it is working as expected: a task that recurs weekly will generate a new one on the expected date and not skip the next one.

Hi @wreade and I’m really sorry for the late reply here!

I’m glad this is now working as expected. Please, let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!

Have a great week!

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