Weekly, daily - calendar views please :-)



Please, can you add a weekly and daily calendar view option? if there are more than 3-4 entries per day it gets very messy with the monthly view… Also its nice to arrange ones week with a weekly view (similar to Trello, Google Calendar, etc). Thanks!


This is something that I would really like to see.

Along with this, I would love the ability to really schedule tasks in the calendar, rather than just set due dates/times. So, a daily view, start time, and duration.


Yes definitely agree with daily and weekly views!

btw, does anyone know how to get rid of the complted tasks from the calendar view?



Any plans to implement an hourly view (either daily or weekly)?

Tasks already have a start and end time available. I’ve considered building this as a Chrome extension, but I don’t want to spend time on something that’s already in the works.


Side note, do you have a product roadmap available for features that you are working on?


Would also love a weekly view! Not necessarily based on hours, just the possibility to see 5-7 columns full screen with tasks for each day (kanban style). It would be much cleaner and let to actually manage the project from the calendar view.

I use monthly view in my gcalendar only once a week mainly for quick review if something important is coming up. But day-to-day management in that view would be reeeealy hard.


Same here - using Asana for our team where each client has it’s own project. Would love to have a TEAM view that we can use as a dashboard for our office to G.S.D. each day!


I would really like something like this in Asana.

Also, the current calendar lacks the ability to put tasks in a certain order each day easily, which is a huge shame. There is no way to reorganise your day by times tasks start or are due, or manually order them, unless you take all tasks out of the day and put them all back in from last to first.