WebHooks: Limit of 50 ?


I have been working on webhook for past few weeks but today I noticed some unusual behavior , When I try to create webhook, I get following in return Starting new HTTPS connection (1): app.asana.com:443
2021-01-20 09:01:44,085: DEBUG - https://app.asana.com:443 “GET /api/1.0/webhooks?limit=50&opt_client_name=MyWebhooks+1.1&workspace=123123123(changed) HTTP/1.1” 200

Why is limit of 50 being returned as part of querystring ?

Note: I am using webhook_inspector.py example (by modifying) from Asana GitHub.

Naseem Amjad

Please note that I am no longer able to create webhook and noticed this limit=50 in response.