Webhooks for Assignee and Name changed

Hi is there a webhook trigger that can be used for Task assignee and Task name changes. Attached below how I created for new comments. Can’t find anything on this. Thanks in advance.

“resource_type”: “story”,
“resource_subtype”: “comment_added”,
“action”: “added”

Hi @Jaco_Lursen!

Yes, you can create a webhook that triggers specifically on task assignee and name changes. The JSON to post to create the trigger on a project would look something like the following.

  "data": {
    "resource": "<ProjectGID>",
    "target": "<YourWebhookURI>",
    "filters": [ { 
      "resource_type": "task",
      "action": "changed",
      "fields": "name,assignee"
    } ]

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for the info @David_Neal . Much appreciated.