🎙 "we lent licenses to other departments, they don't want to give them back"

Today’s Asana quote is from one of our clients!

:studio_microphone: “we lent licenses to other departments, they don’t want to give them back”

When some customers are worried about the potential adoption of a tool like Asana in their company, others can’t stop the wave that is coming! We see it more and more: fed up with emails, fed up with Excels, fed up with struggle to collaborate, and a real desire for freshness and to finally have clarity on a daily basis!

And we see it too at iDO: our team juggles lots of topics in parallel effortlessly. So yes, Asana is not miraculous, we still only have 24 hours in a day, but for any topic we know exactly where each one is, what are the next steps…

If you still have doubts, let’s talk about it!