Way to show two custom fields at the same time in Timeline


I’ve set up tasks in a project with two custom fields – one for task stage (e.g. writing, editing, design) and the other for status update (e.g. on time, delayed, late). If I go to Timeline, I can sort tasks by each custom field: task stage or status update. But is there any way to show both of these at the same time? So I know at a glance which stage a project is in and if it’s late or on time?


No you can’t see both custom fields.
But if you use sections, for instance for the stage, and custom field for the status, then you’ll be able to see both informations:

  • sections will appear as swimming lanes
  • custom field will color the task


Thanks for your help, Julie. It worked!!!


Oops, sorry, I meant Julien!