Way to collapse or hide images/attachments in board view

Is there a way to collapse or hide the images or attachments in a board view? I am hoping to hide some of the noise in a board to show a high level view.

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Here you go > “Show no image”

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Hi there,

is it possible to hide picture on a card on storyboard-view? Unfortunalety it looks a little crazy if you have a lot of cards and only one has a picture.

Thanks in advance and best regards

Hey @Marcus_Schmidtke, thank you for this great question and welcome to the Asana Forum :confetti_ball:

I could see that this question has already been answered in this thread here and I have therefore merged your tread into it.

To quickly answer your question this can absolutely be done by simply hovering over the Task, clicking the three dots that appear, “choose cover image” and then “Show no image”. You can see a screenshot of this process above.

I hope this helps and you have a great Monday!

Hello @Edda

great, it works! Thanks a lot for the fast support! :smile:

Best regards, merry x-mas and have a good start in 2019

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Is there a way to hide the images by default to all the tasks?


There is not, not that I know of.

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