Want to use rules to send email - but from Outlook, not Gmail

Very cool to see today that you can now create rules to send emails from Gmail on different triggers… Unfortunately my workplace uses MS Suite, not Google Suite.

Any chance the same functionality is on the way for using rules to trigger email send through Outlook?


This is indeed not available yet. Asana does not communicate about the roadmap, you’ll have to wait and see…

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I would love this feature too! I was talking with a colleague about automating follow up on projects so that she doesn’t have to email people to remind them when tasks are overdue. The email is a more obvious notification for some people so it would help take some of the burden off her.

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I would love this feature! We are setting up a project submission process and would love to be able to auto-email submitters to update them on the status (approved, invalid project, etc.) since all submitters aren’t Asana users