Want to use Asana as an individual, with no team

I’m starting to use Asana as a personal, individual organizational tool to complement Evernote. I won’t ever have team members, so I’d like to hide team-related stuff in workspace. For example, I’d like to remove the following from the side panel, so that I can see all of my projects without scrolling and have less visual clutter:


I’ve searched extensively (Asana site and Google) for help on this, but have come up empty. Does anyone know how I could do this? Is there some kind of “individual mode”?

I’m using Asana on Firefox 56.02, on a Windows 10 Asus laptop.

Thank you!

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Welcome @Kristin_Espinosa to use Individual Asana use. Have been using it just myself for about 2-3 years now so if you need any hints send me a message and will be happy to suggest.

With regards to your above query no can do… That aspect of the UI you can’t change, unless you go with some of the options to build your own desktop app. Here is one example;




If needed I would be happy to provide a custom CSS for you to apply on Asana in order to mask those. Keep me posted!


Thank you both, Jason and Bastien.

Jason, I’ll keep your contact info and I’m sure I’ll have questions to ask you!

Bastien, how much trouble would it be to do such a custom CSS?

Happy Thanksgiving!

You can install https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/stylebot/oiaejidbmkiecgbjeifoejpgmdaleoha, then open it, click on “Edit CSS” and copy-paste the code below.

.SidebarTeamMembership-contents > a, .SidebarTeamMembership-contents > div:not(.SidebarTeamDetailsProjectsList) {
display: none;



That should do the trick.