Want to see ALL nested task names in "New Tasks" list


I work for myself, no employees.

I use nested subtasks to keep track of where I am in my projects. I assign myself the next task that I need to finish in each project, so that when I look at “My Tasks”, it is a list of what is up next in each project.

I’m frustrated because the “My Tasks” list doesn’t show all of the nested sub-tasks or project name in which each task resides, so it’s harder for me tell which project each task comes from.

Can we get a better visual representation of the sub-task nests and which project each of “My Tasks” comes from without having to click on the each task one at a time to hunt for that information?


Also, even less info on mobile.

On the web it shows one sub-task above (within the nest) but not the project it’s in. On the mobile it shows none.


Personally, I would love to have a hierarchy system that would allow me to see every single subtask and sub-subtask and sub-sub-subtask and so on and so forth at a glance. At least in list mode/view if not in boards. However, I have come up with a little bit of a workaround.

Any task that I have placed a sub-task within or a sub-task that has yet another within it, I place a little " - " mark at the end of the name. I did try to use " > " which was a little more intuitive, but it just looked odd when going down further and further down the line when looking at the breadcrumbs. You might have a different opinion.

The same goes for any subtask which I only have a description for, for those I utilize a little " * " at the end, letting me know there is more information within.

Although if you aren’t working with a team, and don’t mind paying a little bit of money for the service. You may want to consider a less team/organization oriented platform such as https://www.getflow.com/. From what I’ve seen on its homepage, it has the feature you are looking for.

Although honestly, I would much stick with an Asana that is more Freelancer friendly.


Thanks for the reply.

I like the idea, but I really need to see what the project name for that task or sub task is as well.

Are you saying you attach the project name to the title of every sub task you create?


Yes, this feature would be great, even if the sub-tasks are indented in the “My Tasks” list! Please implement this in the future!