"Waiting for Response" for Emails, Tickets, etc

Hi there!

Wanted to run a use case by you, see if you had suggestions, maybe suggest a new feature:
Actually, a quick way to describe what I’m thinking of is Gmail’s Nudge feature. I’ll create a task to Email someone, or submit a ticket, and let’s say I do that. Now, do I hit Complete, or not? Well, A, I want to :slight_smile: If I do hit Complete, it can drop off my radar completely, whereas I might want to check back if no response in 3 days, or something like that. I know I can create another task manually, but (a) I don’t want to, lol, especially because inevitably I’ll get a response immediately if I go to that trouble, and (b) I bet this is a common desire.

Another thought is to never use “Send Email” as my task, and write it as “Get Response” my task as SOP, but that’s pretty ugly, and it doesn’t let me differentiate between “things I need to send” and “things I already sent but am waiting on” - I can see myself sitting here angrily waiting for a response, on a ticket I never submitted…

Any suggestions with how to rig this up using what’s there? I thought about Rules, if I could automatically create a new “check on this” task, on a Trigger like Marked as Complete AND …but I need something else, like set a certain Tag, or had a certain Custom Field value, or had some magic character in the task name - right because obviously not every task would behave like this.

So, if we’re ever talking about a new feature, thinking either auto creating a new task, or maybe even creating a new button, “SENT”, next to “Complete”. Just something I can smash without the thing disappearing completely :slight_smile:

Thanks much!!

Hi @Christopher_Yi :wave:t3:

I think Rule is the right intuition. You could Create Task A “Send email to X” and use drop-down custom fields with different stages (Email sent - Waiting response - Response received - Closed). After sending your email, instead of marking the task complete, you could just change the custom field to “Email Sent” and have a Rule automatically Setting the custom field to Waiting Response and set the due date of your task for 3 days later.

3 days later, you can take another look at the task and send a follow-up-email or if you received an answer, change the Custom field to “Closed”. You could also have a rule soo when you set the custom field to “Close”, the task would automatically be marked complete.

Hope this helps!