Waiting for dependency icon in task and Board card



It would be awesome to have a dependency icon on task row in the list view or board card. This would give a visual que that a task is waiting on something else without the need to open it up. Great for project review meetings and in conjunction with the new custom fields.
Eg: I can have a status custom field column in list view and if the status is “on hold” and there is a dependency icon, i know that there is a blockage somewhere else immediately.

Dependency icon for tasks/subtasks

Agree this is needed and was just about to post a topic for this. Currently we have to drill into each task to see if a task is waiting on another task to be complete. We need a visual on the main tasks list or board depending which you are using.


I believe we need the option to be able to filter out waiting-on task’s, why do i need to see a task i can’t work on?


It’s more a management perspective in to seeing blockages and holdups. Filtering would be awesome too in an execution perspective.
But in general seeing what’s dependent on something else from a birds eye view of things would be awesome without having to drill down on individual tasks


Does anyone know if there is a way to do this with a custom field and some sort of automation. IE Custom Field STATUS: Ready / Waiting
If something is dependent on an unfinished task, the status is waiting, as soon as it is marked as complete. The tasks waiting are switched from ‘Waiting’ to ‘Ready’.


It would be great for there to be a little yellow dot or something on tasks that have dependencies set for them. Currently you have to click into a task/subtask to see if it is dependent on something. It will help people looking at a project quickly understand why some things are getting held up.