Votes on merges


When posts are merged they are often closed and votes are frozen.

But then the votes from the merges are not summed up, resulting in votes fragmentation and never getting the attention they need because they appear to have “low score”.

Example, these 2 are merged into another one:


The count of votes above is 5, however the merged result has only 4 votes:

There should be 9 votes for this feature request. Else the merging is hiding user requests


Thanks for raising this issue @Juan_Diego! We’re aware of this issue, and this is certainly something we’ll keep in mind as we work toward restructuring the community. If you haven’t yet, you can fill up a survey Help us improve the Asana Community Forum! Please answer this survey to help us with the restructuration.

Again, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback; have a great Wednesday!