Visualize sub tasks

Hi, is there a way to visualize the whole project, incl. sub tasks (eg as a tree etc)? I have seen a discussion in an old post around incl. an arrow on the task to indicate the existence of subtasks. That would be very helpful. I would also like to color individual tasks if possible. Thx!


@nkul, I’m not aware of a way to visualize the whole project in Asana as you request but with Asana2Go you can see the tree you ask for:

Another product, Instagantt, I believe may let you see tasks and their subtasks all at once.

Perhaps one of those helps.


@nkul, I forgot to disclose: I’m the creator of Asana2Go.

I also forgot about two other built-in ways Asana2Go visualizes a project’s tasks and subtasks:

Here’s a set of sections/tasks/subsections/subtasks in a list format:

And here’s the same set of sections/tasks/subsections/subtasks in a tabular format:



Hi @nkul :wave:t3: and thanks for jumping in @lpb!

If you haven’t yet @nkul, I’d also recommend adding your vote to this #productfeedback thread: Ideas/Feedback to display subtasks


FYI I also have plans to provide for this visualization (for all levels of subtasks) in Desksana; however, to be honest, development is paused at the moment as I’m focusing on Flowsana.

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Hi @lpb! Thank you for this tool. It brings me one step closer to a visualization. I have a project with about 550 tasks (subtasks in max. depth until Asana doesn´t allow more) and I was looking for a way to visualize that. :slight_smile: Any ideas?

@Andre_Pollklesener, Thanks for the nice comment! Well, I’m not sure of which, if any, third-party tools would help in this scenario; maybe others will chime in if they know of an existing solution. Of course a custom solution is an option too if you would consider that, perhaps by @Bastien_Siebman?