Visual indicator - if subtask has additional information



If task has several subtasks it is not possible to understand if this task is just a description of has additional information (description or attached file).
You have to click and open every subtask to understand.
It would be lot easier if there was visual indicator (different Icons) if subtask has additional info.
Then I know, do I need to open it or I can just mark it “done”


@Jaanus are you not seeing that if a subtask has notes in the description the comment bubble to the right of the subtask name remains visible as you click elsewhere in the task? Furthermore, if you have a comment within a subtask there is a number next to this same comment bubble. Otherwise, as you click away from the subtask the comment bubble disappears.


OK. Now I understand that this works already the way I wanted :slight_smile:
Though this comment bubble is so light color that and if I move the mouse and on hover additional features show up - the icon is still the same.
Great that this works this way, but I still think that different Icons should make it easier to understand.


True, the comment bubble looks the same whether your cursor is hovering over the task or whether your cursor is elsewhere and there are notes in the description. These should be visually distinct because they indicate different things…


I’d also add that the visual indicator for there being a description or a subtask within a subtask is the same. It would be nice to differentiate without having to drill into the details of the subtask. Most of my tasks have a description but not all have further layering. Placing a “d” or “c” next to the bubble like the numbers you get for a comment could be a potential solution here.


I agree - there needs to be a clearer icon if a sub-task has a description, further sub-tasks, or comments. The light grey icon does not encourage you to look at it and know that there is further information to click to.