Visibility of all Recurring tasks

We never know why. 2 possible answers: hard to do technically (how far in the future do you pre-create? do create on the fly when people search for tasks? that’s possibly an infinity list) or some people just don’t want this, their Calendar would be cluttered with daily tasks.

That being said, I fixed the situation by creating a tool. Let me know if that helps.

I can’t understand how this is technically challenging for the team at Asana - many other platforms have managed it, managed to implement syncing up / connecting with Calendars, and cost less…I think there needs to be a bit of a priority shift with the roadmap…especially given the scale at which so many users for so many years have been requesting this. Or at least the option to switch it on/off at their desire.

Exactly. I am extremely irritated with not being able to see my recurring tasks for the whole month! I’m considering switching my team to a different platform bc of this.