Visibility of all Recurring tasks

Indeed. I personally work around this by adding any necessary sub-tasks to the project in order to populate it with custom fields related to workload effort. I have to do this based on our current workflow. Frustratingly unavoidable.

And similarly, as already mentioned in this thread, there’s a janky workaround for recurring task visibility too; one that I tried out yesterday in fact. Although it doesn’t save me any huge amounts of time than if I were to create task templates and just add them on the required days for however many weeks in advance I need them.

Madness :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Adding my voice to request this is changed urgency. I cannot believe I cannot see on my calender view what I have on next week because they are set up as recurring tasks.

Adding my vote here too! I guess that this request may be way too complicated?

Programming-wise, it should not be complicated.

Mental model-wise…I suspect that Asana thought of these Recurring Tasks as reminders or quick actions, like “Water the plant”, and that’s how they developed it. (Not many people want to see a calendar filled with 52 “Water the plant” actions.) They did not conceive of users having Tasks with substantial work content (“Assemble weekly newsletter and send to printer”?) that recur routinely and have to be incorporated into workload balancing.