Visibility of all Recurring tasks

No need to put the shame on them, sharing your feedback is more than enough :hugs:

+1 for this feature, please and thanks!

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+1 from me too - just signed up for the month trial and this is the FIRST thing I needed to do! How depressing to see this thread! Asana can someone reply with the rational behind NOT implementing this basic feature request? Thanks

Asana does not share reasons for not doing a feature, and they re-evaluate on a regular basis. If you get your entire friends & family to vote on that thread, that might help :slight_smile:

Hi all, hoping to prompt a feature for recurring tasks: I want to create my social media content calendar in Asana. Since I’m posting almost everyday through different channels, I need an overview of what i’m posting when and where. Right now, I only get to see the first upcoming posts I have planned, and the following ones only appear when I complete the task. This makes it hard for me to work ahead.

Can you add the option to view all recurring tasks? Thanks a million!

This is a highly requested feature, have a look at 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds for a link to the original request + workarounds.

Hi @Hester, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We have a popular request in the forum for this feature so I’ve gone ahead and merge your post with Visibility of all Recurring tasks to centralize feedback! We’ll update the main thread once we have any updates.

Hi Emily, thanks! I did search for the topic before posting my request, but i got no hits for some reason. I now see that it’s a much requested feature, so hopefully you have some good news in the near future :slight_smile:

I can’t believe they’re taking this long to get this feature on. Having the recurring tasks shown on the calendar even if it is cluttered is very important. Please get this done ASAP. Thank you!!

Hoping for a speedy fix - this would be a HUGE time saver for us, as the convenience of recurring tasks is basically negated by the fact that future events are not showing up in calendar/workload view. Thank you!

+1 for needing this feature. I’m pretty frustrated that this basic and needed option isn’t available. Maybe I DO need to try

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3 years and this still isn’t a feature! Obviously a lot of people want this option, myself included! Agree that perhaps I may also switch to!


Oh my gosh I’m so bummed this isn’t a thing! I might have to switch to another task manager too. Maybe I’ll try as well.

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Definitely frustrating.

I’m switching to It’s not worth the wait. It’s been a very long time and this isn’t still a thing here.

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Hope Monday will help with what you need :wave:

Hi @Bastien_Siebman I don’t see this attitude being very constructive. This feature has been requested since March 2017 (almost 3 years ago) and a lot of people are just asking to do something to finally solve the issue. I see the answer “You don’t like the way it is? Well, that’s the door. See ya :wave:” only arrogant and pointless to the thread.

@Marie I thougth Asana had a different culture and a more customer centric vision. If this is not the case, I think a lot of us should look around to find something more worthy our money and time.


I was honest, I hope Monday is the right tool for him.

The requested feature has a huge downside: tons of tasks would suddenly show up in people’s calendar. If you have daily recurring tasks, it would clutter everything.

So the current situation is not perfect, and what the community is asking isn’t either. I guess (I know) the product team is reconsidering this on a regular basis.

You should keep saying that this is important to you, I just wanted to emphasise in my last response that maybe the product was not the right one for him, and that is ok! Thankfully Asana will never do all the product requests just because many people request them.


Sorry, but it should really be in Asana’s best interest to make this feature available upon request. From a programming point of view, it would be easy to say that if X is checked, the task should appear as recurring in the calendar and if Y is checked, not.


I see the point, but hiding the clutter is not a solution. The mess is still there and it’s better to deal with it on time, rather than fake that everything looks nice and clean. If someone has a recurring task to do on a specific day, it should be very clear both for him and the project or portfolio manager because it affects the short and the mid-term planning.

The bottom line is that Workload is a paid feature that is not well engineered and it has many leaks (see also this issue). Right now it’s just something that looks nice on tutorials, but as we see here, it fails to support managers on planning activities since it needs a lot of time consuming workarounds.