Viewing Today's Tasks


I’m loving Asana! I don’t seem to be able to view just today’s tasks, though. In the List, I’ve organized the tasks by due date, but both the “Today” and the “Tomorrow” due dates have green color coding, and when I go down to the “Marked for Today” section, there’s nothing in it. (Not to mention that section is below the full list - I would have expected it to be at the top, but there’s not a way to change that layout.) I tried creating a new section, but it puts it under the Marked for Today section…which appears below the full list.

When I view my tasks in the Calendar view, it doesn’t show all of my tasks - just those that fit in the small block. It’s also not clear how to check off a task from the Calendar view.

I’d really like to see a way to toggle between my full list and only tasks that are due today, so I can focus with laser precision. :wink: Thanks!


Hi @Lisa3!

There are four sections under “My Tasks” - New Tasks, Today, Upcoming, & Later. When a new task comes in - it automatically goes under New Tasks and then you need to manually assign it to one of the other categories.

It does take a few minutes to assign all your tasks to the appropriate category but once you’ve done it, it’s easy to stay organized.

Asana does then automatically move tasks within the three categories. For example, if you have something due tomorrow that’s under the Upcoming category - at midnight tonight, it’ll pop up into Today.

Here are a couple of videos to help:

If that’s not clear, let me know and I can record a short specific video for you or hop on a quick call to show you what I mean.

Amy :slight_smile:


Thanks @Amy_Mitchell!

I did happen to find the solution you mentioned above while waiting for a reply, but it’s only a partial solution and there is a critical step missing in the information. In order to even move my tasks around between sections, I first had to change the setting in My Tasks to sort by None - which isn’t intuitive to me at all. In fact, Today, Upcoming, and Later are time-based designations, so I don’t get that setting at all.

What’s most disappointing is that after spending time to change the setting (as above), then organize each of my tasks into the 3 sections, I then had to organize them further by due date, as it doesn’t appear there’s any way to have them appear in order of date when the Today, Upcoming, and Later sections are applied. Again, super counterintuitive.

What I need is to see my tasks broken down by long-range priority - just like the Today, Upcoming, and Later sections allow - but to also be able to prioritize them within each section. I’ve done that manually, but I noticed that as soon as I checked off a recurring Today task as done, it would appear in another section automatically, but totally out of order. Items for three weeks from now would be mixed in with items due tomorrow and items due next week. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the organization of tasks within a section.

I’d really love a way to organize by date automatically from within those three time-based sections, or at least an option to select for that view. It doesn’t seem sensible to have time-based divisions that I can’t also organize by date and time for each task. Yes, again, I can move them all around manually, but then it’s far more work than to just view all the tasks in the due date sorted list. I just want to see them broken out so the view isn’t cluttered or overwhelming.

I’d love it if the Asana team could add this functionality in the near future.


Hi @Lisa3, I hear what you’re saying and understand that you’ve submitted this under product feedback. In the meantime, I’m happy to spend 15 minutes on Zoom with you to find the best work around if you like. Let me know if you think that would help and I’ll send you a scheduling link.