Viewing Task of Past Employees


I’m trying to put together a report of all the task specific members have worked on. Is there a way to view task of members who have left the company? They have already been removed from the organization.



When you remove someone then a project is created with all the tasks that person was working on, but it’s only accessible to the person who removed the person who left the company.
I’m premium and it works this way but I don’t remember if it’s the same for free organization. Are you premium?


Hi @Simone_Bundang :wave:t3: @Julien_RENAUD is right, if you’re in a premium Organization when a user leaves your Organization, a project containing all its tasks will be automatically sent to the Org Admin (you can learn more about this in this handy article.

If you’re in a free Organization, there is unfortunately no easy way to track these tasks, but I’d recommend to look for unassigned tasks (an important thing to note: in both free and premium Org, all comments the former employee made on tasks will still be visible, but their profile photo will be gone and their name will not be clickable).


@Simone_Bundang, this is an interesting question. I was just testing some things out. I did some searches in my Asana for Tasks that were worked on by a previous employee.

First issue is the people fields in the Asana search only allow you to select current users. You cannot select or manually search for a past user.

So then I tried a simple Asana text search for the text name that was tied to the past user. This mostly works with a couple of caveats. This did return every Task that the past user commented on or there was log entry associated with them. Because both types of entries in a Task are tagged with the user’s name. However, it will also will return Tasks that someone has mentioned the user by name. This isn’t strictly speaking, what you are looking for, but it may provide additional information on Tasks that the user may have contributed to without directly touching the Asana Task.

@Marie, here’s my question for Asana. The text search for a past user’s name also returned Tasks that I couldn’t see their name anywhere in the Task. Is the Asana search finding something that I can’t see?