Viewing Subtask deadlines, along with Task Deadlines

When I have two different dates for Tasks and subtasks, how do I see the deadlines for the subtasks in list view with all my other tasks?

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@Gary_Zimmermann - If you have subtasks with dates, just click the dropdown arrow next to the parent task to expand the dropdown list and see all the subtasks (with their dates as well).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have any type of SORT or FILTER applied to your view (using the options at the top right of every project - see screenshot), then the dropdown arrow to see subtasks will disappear until you remove the filter or the sort.


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Thanks for the feedback… but I don’t have an arrow.

@Gary_Zimmermann - could you check and see if you have a sort or filter applied to your view at the top right of your project?

Or, are you talking about your My Tasks view? If you are in My Tasks, the subtask arrows are not available there yet.

However, you can set up an automation to push all your My Tasks into a project so that you have the flexibility of project features (like the dropdown arrow, custom fields, more automations, timeline view, etc.). If you want help, click my profile picture and click “Quick Help”.

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I am talking about My Tasks view. It seem natural to me that all of my tasks and subtasks would be viewable there, sorted by date.

I must admit, not having easy functionality on the viewing of deadlines for both tasks and substasks seems like a major oversight for task management software. That seems like Ferrari forgetting to put an engine in the car imho.

Thanks for your suggestion.

I will look into that.

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@Gary_Zimmermann - one thing to note – subtasks that are assigned to you will show up at the parent task level in your My Tasks view, so you will see their due dates. They will also show inside the details pane of the parent task they belong to, if the parent task is also assigned to you and still in your list (meaning still incomplete). Subtasks that are not assigned to you will only show in My Tasks via the details pane of the parent task that is assigned to you.

@Gary_Zimmermann - I’d also recommend submitting a feature request: Product Feedback - Asana Community Forum

Thanks. Does your comment about subtasks assigned to me show up if I assign them to myself?

@Gary_Zimmermann - yes. You still won’t have the dropdown arrow, but you’ll have both the parent task and the subtask showing up at the top/parent level. The only difference is that the subtask will have grey text to the right of it showing you what parent task it comes from.

Thanks. That worked.


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