Viewing section headings in summary views


Just started using Asana on premium account, but am getting quite frustrated with one thing:

I have created several projects all with several tasks, however these tasks have been broken into separate sections within each project. This is all good and well, but when I go to view, say, My Tasks, the tasks can be grouped by project, but the sections to which they belong aren’t shown. Is there a way to change this??

Hi @Richard_Haupt :wave:t4:

Welcome to the Asana Forum, please note that in your My Tasks view ( you will only see tasks that are assigned to you.

Since the sections ( normally don’t have an assignee this explains why you are not seeing them reflected in your My Tasks view.

Hope this helps! Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Kind regards,

Cathya :blush:

Hi Cathya

Is there any way to make the section headings show up in the My
Tasks view. It’s proving to be the only main issue we have with the software,
and almost becoming a deal breaker for us.

I that if one prints the My Tasks page it does include the
section names in small font above the tasks. It would also be nice if this was
made bold.




Hi Richard,

An easy work around to this might be to use tags for your tasks. If you absolutely need to know what sections your tasks are in while seeing them in the My Task view you can tag each task in the project with the section that the task lives in. When you view your tasks in My Tasks those tags should be present.

Good luck and I hope that helps.

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