Viewing multiple projects on Timeline


Like many teams, our guys team work across multiple projects.

The reason for signing up with Asana is to allow our PMs to monitor workload and avoid duplication of effort amongst team members (Case: Jane is dedicated to working on project “X” throughout the whole of June, but she’s just been assigned work on project “Y” which also has a deadline of the end of June).

As far as I can tell, Timeline applies to “a single project”, is that correct? There doesn’t seem to be a “global” or “multi-project” timeline where executive team members / PMs can get a helicopter view of what everyone is working on an avoid assigning people to multiple tasks at the same time?



Hi @Klassapp_Developer and welcome to the Forum!

Here is how you can see multiple projects on the same Timeline:; and if you haven’t yet, I would also recommend adding your vote to the following thread from our #productfeedback Category: Timeline - view multiple projects together

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any follow-up questions or comments!