Viewing Attachments in Tasks



New Asana user, first time posting. Our core team just finished the trial period and we’re now starting to onboard other colleagues into the Asana environment.

In our experience, it can be challenging to find attached files. For example, we use Google Docs for copyediting. Instead of attaching the file via the Google Drive integration, we end up creating the public link and pasting it into the task description.

I tried searching the board for other tips and tricks. Can anyone point me to any other best practices?

Also, it would make sense to feature attachment previews near the top of the task. Otherwise you are forced to scroll down into the timeline, unless you remember to pin the document. Unfortunately, this only moves up the link to just after the last sub-task.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to respond!



Copying and pasting the public link in the description is a great idea. I agree that finding attachments can be daunting at times. The only way I try to make it easier for myself is to include a very specific description of the attachment in the task, and then use the Search.
Somehow though, I like your method better. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Mark.