View Team Members' Tasks All at Once?


I am trying to use Asana to better forecast resources. Is there a way to look at a whole team’s tasks rather needing to navigate to one person’s tasks?

Basically, I want to be able to say “I have Task 1, and I need someone from Team A to do it. Who has availability on Tuesday?”

In theory, this should be doable by looking at a Team Calendar. It would require having all the team’s commitments resident in that single Team. Then you can open the calendar and look at today’s date, and scan for anyone without Tasks today. In reality, given the limitations of the Calendar, it requires extraordinary simplicity and small scale of your Team and task list, as well as a lot of discipline, to achieve this. The Calendar is swamped even by 10-12 tasks on a single day.

Another possibility - which again is most useable for high discipline, small scale situations - is to do an Advanced Search for Incomplete Tasks on the Team in question, sort by Assignee, and scan. The discipline required would include:

  • All tasks are truly scheduled on the Calendar - not just placeholders, possibly without due dates
  • Any task that hits today’s schedule for Person X ACTUALLY needs to be worked on today. (So one cannot use a start and end date for any task or activity that has built-in down time.)
  • Overdue/abandoned or otherwise non-actionable Tasks are all cleaned off the Calendar promptly. Especially those aspirational tasks that seem to hang around for months or years but rarely get any action IRL or in Asana.
  • The results of all of the above yield a list that is humanly scannable.
  • Etc.

A further step might be to export the Search and use Excel to do more filtering to winnow away cluttering tasks and focus on the real ones so you can find that person with time available.

So, as to whether there is a truly workable solution depends strongly on you, your org, and your discipline. Asana does not have many tools to deal with large scale and/or sub-optimal behavior or processes anywhere in your org. (I would contrast Asana with JIRA, where every day I could find differences in how 500 people are creating and managing their tasks and readily update my filters, sorts, searches, views and reports to keep them crisp and useable no matter what gets thrown at them.)

Thanks for the great write up @Stephanie_Oberg :slight_smile:

@Pamela_Harasyn, if you haven’t yet, I would recommend you to check out our Workload feature (available with our Business plan) which would probably be the most efficient way to achieve what you’re looking for! If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to comment here, we’ll be happy to help!

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