VIew tasks user is a Collaborator on

I understand that when adding a person as a collaborator to a Task they get notified per their notification settings of updates, etc., however is their a dashboard view or ‘Report’ of all Tasks a person is a collaborator on, similar to My Tasks or Tasks I’ve Created?

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Great question! While there isn’t a specific page like My Tasks for this, you can run an Advanced Search if using Asana Premium to filter results to show all public tasks a user is a Collaborator on! :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

@Eric_Carpenter don’t forget that you can also SAVE these Advanced Reports so you can reference them in the future as they will dynamically update as users are added/removed as Collaborators!

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Thank you both! I don’t think that will really solve my problem, but appreciate the ideas. Not only because I don’t have Premium, but we’re trying to create greater awareness of certain assigned tasks to those who are made ‘collaborators’, without increasing the email notification burden. Those quickly get turned off, in my experience. If people live in Asana, they regularly look at their Assigned Tasks view. Having something akin to a Collaborator view would have been perfect, as opposed to having folks reactively search out what they have been made collaborators to.

Any other good ideas?

@Eric_Carpenter yeah, unfortunately Advanced Reports is a Premium feature and honestly the best way to achieve what you are looking for. When I say you can save the Advanced Reports I mean you can do so in a way that offers as single click experience to see where users are Collaborators. Just like with a single click you can see what is assigned to you in My Tasks. You could even name the report as “Collaborator View”.

The downside is you have to create a unique report for each user OR provide users with your saved report (yes you can share them!) and then offer a screen recording showing how they can refine your report to search for where THEY are a Collaborator then have them re-save their own version. Personally, I would like to see a operator syntax for “Me” or “Anybody” (as there is a “Not Me” available for Advanced Reports) which would then allow you to create the report for EVERYONE and wouldn’t require they refine the search at all! You can upvote that capability here: Search Operator Syntax

If you wanted to learn more about savings Advanced Search Reports check this area of the Asana Guide out: Using search & advanced search in Asana | Product guide • Asana

Again, I know it is a Premium feature, but these are some of the key functions that really help make the platform a worthwhile investment so users aren’t having to reactively seek information as you described.

Hope this helps! Wish I could think of another way to solve your issue but I’m not certain of an efficient way under a free license :frowning:


Thanks Jerod, I’ll look at this more closely tomorrow - I do have a paid business account, so maybe this feature is already available to me. I was under the assumption that Advanced Reports was an upgrade/additional cost to my existing subscription. I’ll report back, and thanks again!

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Oh perfect, @Eric_Carpenter! You are all set if you have a Business license. If you need any additional assistance, let me know! :wink:

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