View tasks previously assigned to me or I previously collaborated on


I noticed there’s no way to see tasks previously assigned to a team member, so it’s difficult to track a person’s contribution without going through all the tasks and checking if they were once assigned a task or was a collaborator.

Many tasks are like this:
Task = several phases. Each phase is assigned to a different member. After one member finishes his assignment/duty, the task is reassigned to another member, and so on.

I think being able to view a person’s history is important because many tasks involve phases which would require changing the assignees at every stage. I can only view the tasks that are recently assigned to me, but the tasks that I have already finished and been passed on to another member for the next phase are not visible on my timeline. I have a separate list of my assignments which help me track my progress, but it would be ideal if this is viewable in Asana as well, for confirmation and for convenience.

Is there a way we can incorporate this feature?


Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Kris_Mojica!

To see tasks you assigned to others you can use the Asana Home Tab where you can see upcoming, overdue and completed ones.

Now to see all tasks you commented on you can use the advanced search

You can then save the search results.

Alternatively if you have one main task that consists of many steps you can also utilize subtasks or for more comprehensive processes it might be best setting up a project with tasks and you can use the sections for the stages.

Now another way to track who worked on which task is to use the new time-tracking feature Asana has launched: Time tracking in Asana • Asana Product Guide

I hope that helps

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Hi @Andrea_Mayer !

Thank you very much for the reply. :slight_smile:

I tried your advice, but unfortunately, even though I can see the tasks, they are scrambled. I can sort them by their new due dates, which were readjusted when reassigned, or by project, or by assignee, but I was hoping to see the tasks in my history chronologically, as in according to the dates when they were assigned to me, or when I reassigned them. Is that possible? The tasks have already gone through several reassignments it’s confusing to sort them by due date, so it’s hard to keep track.

I don’t think I have the option to change the fields because I’m not the administrator, so I’m relying on what I can do to get a better view of my past and scheduled tasks. It would really help if there’s a more organized way of viewing the tasks in Asana.

For example, a separate page or tab listing all the tasks that have been assigned to me, then showing on the right when it was first created, when it was assigned to me, when I reassigned it, when it was finished or who’s currently working on it, and a dropdown that can show previous conversations. It would be easier to track it that way. I might be asking for too much but that feature would really help so I don’t have to create a separate file anymore or click through many options to get an overview of each task’s progress. I’m worried I’m going to miss or forget a message or an update one of these days and miss my deadlines.

I appreciate your time answering my query Andrea! Thank you so much again! :slight_smile:

Hi @Kris_Mojica

there are custom fields for what you are looking for.

  • created by
  • created on
  • completed on
  • last modified on
  • assignee

a combination of these should get you the info you want.

My 2cents: Reasigning tasks is not a good habit. Instead try to break it down into separate tasks for each member this way you could also establish dependencies between the subtasks, make reports, use the dashboard etc.


Hi @ug_josh!

Thank you so much for the input! :slight_smile:

Yes, I am aware of the issues regarding reassignment. Unfortunately, we weren’t the ones who created the workflow, and we’re not allowed to change it either. I agree that separate tasks are better and easier to track, especially since we can create dependencies based on those too.

Regarding those fields, can I create them and have them visible from my side only and not affect how they are displayed on other users’ dashboards? Or will they show up once I create them?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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If you have restricted access, an admin has to activate the fields in the corresponding projects. I hope it helps a little.

You can also incorporate those custom fields in a custom search like @Andrea_Mayer mentioned.

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Thank you so much!