View tasks completed by me



Tasks that are completed by me are hard to find without the search bar. When I forget the completed item, I’m basically reading my own git commits to look at which projects I’ve completed. I would love for there to be a way to see what I’ve done in the past.


Hey @Jay3!

The ability to find your completed Tasks is pretty easy if you have a premium subscription, since advanced search will help you identify your completed Tasks in just a few clicks. That said, I can understand your frustration here.

In lieu of a premium plan, one way to get around this could be for you to create a Project or Team devoted solely to your completed Tasks. Prior to marking a Task complete, you can multi-home that Task into this space for you to reference the completed Tasks across your Asana in one space, then use the sort view option to filter the Tasks according to Project and/or Due Date among others.

That said, this can get a bit messy though it would still serve your short term needs until you’re ready to upgrade to a premium plan!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response @Michael_A!

Using the advanced search feature definitely helps, but there isn’t a field for completed by is there? If it is assigned to a different user, I’m still at a loss here. I wasnt aware of this feature but that’s definitely helpful!

Thanks a lot!


Hey @Jay3; sorry for the delay :slight_smile:

At of now, you are unable to see who marked a Task completed. The assumption is that the person to whom the Task was assigned, is usually the one responsible for marking it complete.

That said, this could be a pretty interesting feature request for Admins, as we do occasionally receive messages from folks whose project managers mark Tasks complete on their behalf (to clear out Task Lists to streamline the bandwidth realities of their team). I encourage you to post it there for our community to vote on & our developers to see :slight_smile: