View Tasks Categorized by Person



Our company just started to use Asana (moving from Trello). My Operations Manager wants to know if there is a way for their department to see All Tasks categorized by the person (for instance, we have a team named “project management”. We currently have two project managers. Is there a way for the Operations Management Dept. to see all of the tasks for each individual project manager?


@kwebb I think the biggest question would be who the tasks are assigned to. I presume that the project managers are not the Assignee on every task that they are the manager. So if the Operations Manager wants to see all tasks separated by the two project managers, the two project managers have to be on all the tasks that they oversee. This has the following possibilities that you Advance Search will pick up nicely:

  1. Add project manager as a Follower on each task. This has consequences in email notifications but can be user defined.

  2. In the free version set up a Tag for each of the two managers and tag the tasks he oversees would work… This would prevent an on-onslaught of notification or inbox referenced above.

  3. A custom field could be set up with the name of each of the manager to be populated in each task they are responsible for. If they share responsibilities on any task you may have to have a separate custom field. I don’t think you can have two selections in a custom field but I could be wrong.

  4. So with the alternatives you now can do advanced searches on Followers, Tags or Custom fields and pull the information out. One drawback of Custom Fields are they are not available in Sub-tasks so I would lean to Follower or Tags.

  5. And finally if you want a hard copy report and you are a PC user. (I think this community is overwhelmingly MAC users if I had to guess) you can use my CSV to PDF converter to produce hard copy reports subject to the limitations in the thread. CSV To Asana Simple List Generator- My Gift To Community

I am sure there will be other Community Members that may have ideas, but this is what comes to mind. As far as I know each manager will have to be on each task in some form to pull the information as you have outlined.