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Hey guys :slight_smile:

Why there’s no “View: Tasks by Tags” ?

We use tags for tagging features in a Product Backlog project. There is view for project, so I can’t figure out why there’s no view for tags.


When I want to view tasks by tags, I do an advanced search and filter by tags. Have you tried this?


@Adam_Sabla sounds like you’d want to sort your Project view by Tags? There isn’t that functionality, which I imagine has to do with the ability to add multiple tags to a single Task.

However, I think you could achieve what you were looking for by transitioning from Tags for features to a Custom Field. If you have a picklist of features defined in your Custom Field, you can easily do “Tasks by Custom Field” and see those buckets defined. Would that work in this instance?


@Alexis that seems like an overkill to me, too many clicks if I want to move around like a cheetah :smiley:

Thanks @Sara !

transitioning from Tags for features to a Custom Field

This wouldn’t work in our case. I’d also like to click on the custom field then to show it as a search result (what’s not possible with custom fields)

I figured out I’ll move from tags to projects… so projects would serve as tags. It looks it will work for me, I’ll just have to think twice before I create another project… that’s probably a good thing anyway :slight_smile:


I definitely like the idea of different Projects serving as an organizational bucket (and relying on tethering Tasks to multiple Projects when relevant :slight_smile:).

You can use Custom Fields as a search tool, similar to Tags, but, as you noticed, it’s not one-click functionality. If you haven’t see that criteria before, try opening Advanced Search, clicking Add Filter and selecting “Custom Field…”. Similar to Tags, this will scrape information from across Projects, so you could see All Tasks Tagged with “Feature” anywhere in your Asana (or refine further).

Let me know what you think! Both seem like good options.


I see, hmm I think still tags wold be better than using custom fields. Custom fields seem to me better for other stuff like scrum, or marking states… tagging features doesn’t fit much into custom fields for me.

Anyway, I’d say that the project will do better in my case. We’ll see… maybe I’ll be back soon begging for suggestions again hehe :slight_smile:



@Adam_Sabla - have you tried favoriting your tag views with a star? That’s how I view tasks by tag.


Hey @Adam_Sabla, we frequently use the same feature. For example:
Each client’s report task is located in their own project, but we tend to do reporting in batches all at once. Each client’s report task is tagged “report”. We view a list of tasks filtered by the “report” tag each month. 2 ways to make that easy to refer back to without doing the crazy advanced search process each time:

  1. The one @Jarrod_Kopp just mentioned to favorite the tag.
  2. If you access the tagged list at certain times, copy the tagged search URL and paste it into a new recurring task description or project description (or anywhere convenient). That way you can get directly to it at the exact time you need it.

Here’s how to do both:


@Jarrod_Kopp thanks for the tip, I didn’t know I can do that!

Hey, @WideSmiler, thanks so much for the video! I didn’t know I can save or even favourite searches. And the trick with the recurring task is great!