View subtasks next to tasks instead of list

When I am working on a subtask, I lose my view of the overall task. Instead there is a list of all our projects next to it. Are we using Asana wrong, or is there a different view I should try?

Hello @Catherine_Suski

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What view are you using currently?

I think list view might be what you are looking for:

This way you could see the main task name and all related subtasks and on the right further info

More info here: Help with Asana subtasks | Product guide • Asana

Does this help?


Wow, I feel kind of dumb! I’ve been double clicking to open them every time :wink:
I’ll give this a shot.


No worries
I knot that Asana has a lot of features so sometimes it can take a while to get used to everything.

Let me know how you go :slight_smile:

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