View Setting in Inbox to Show All Messages or Uncompleted or Completed



I am not sure if I am doing this most effectively or not but I need to cross-check a lot of work that is done which is great in the Inbox View and then once checked I can archive it if it is done or make comments and mark it incomplete. It would be great if I could filter the view in my inbox so I can see “Completed” or tasks with comments requiring my attention that are incomplete. I am sure there are many ways the inbox could be enhanced for functionality. Is there some consideration for this down the track? Are others trying to get more out of their inbox? We have close to 200 projects in Asana so simply trolling projects to see what needs to get done is not working for me… the inbox and my tasks are great but I could be more effective with some further options for view filtering.


Not sure this is possible to customize Inbox this way. Did you consider that maybe you were following too many projects and probably did not want to get notifications about them all?
If you need advanced view filtering, you create custom views from search results, did you know this? :smiley: