View of all projects within a team?

Let’s say my team works on about 3 projects.
We meet every morning to checkin on the team’s progress, who’s working on what.
Is there a way to see a board/list of all 3 projects combined?
Or do you suggest keeping it all within a single project?

Moving between projects to see the status of each seems cumbersome, when it’s the same team, in the same meeting …

A saved search could work well for that! For my 1:1s I have a past due saved search that I refer to each time that collects anything they might have missed.

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Consider “Agile-like” type of planning/execution:

  1. You create a special project for short-term planning (sprint). Let’s say the length of the project is one week.
  2. Using multi-homing, you put planned tasks for the next week in that special project
  3. During your daily meetings, you track only planned tasks for the current week
  4. In the next week, close the special project. Discuss your successes and faults.
  5. Repeat starting from #1 every week.

More info about the approach is here: Sprint planning with Asana | Product guide • Asana

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