View My Subtasks in a Project / Subtask Quickfilter

NEED: To be able to review a simple list of all tasks and subtasks assigned to me in a given project.

SUGGESTION: There should be a quick-filter under the Project > Filter menu that toggles the inclusion of subtasks in filter results.


It makes no sense to be ‘menu-diving’ through all tasks and sub-subtasks of a project to review items assigned to me.

Currently, the options available to review my subtasks are less than adequate:

  • The Filter function in projects is great. But it only shows tasks. No subtasks.

  • I could go to My Tasks, but of course subtasks in My Tasks, somewhat controversially, don’t reference the projects they are in.

  • I can create a report that shows all tasks and subtasks assigned to me for a given project. So that works. But for every project I want to review, that means I have to: Refine search > In projects > (search for the project) > Click Search. Or the alternative would be to duplicate my project hierarchy with a bunch of saved reports. Both cumbersome options for what should be basic reporting/review functionality.

Of course, these problems can all be managed with some creative setup and a bit of extra manual admin. We covered some options on another thread in the Tips & Tricks category.

But it seems to me that a subtask quick-filter inside the project filters would be a complete solution to the problem and would meaningfully increase the utility of the nested subtasks functionality.

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Hi @Antoine_Palmer and thank you so much for sharing this great feedback with us!

You are correct here. As it stands, is not possible to Filter your Subtasks within a Project. I completely understand how useful it would for you and while I can’t promise when or if this will be implemented any time soon, I’ll make sure to keep you posted on this thread as soon as I have an update!

Have a great Wednesday Antoine!

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