View historical user activity

+1 tis feature please!

+1 tis feature please!

Has this feature been added yet?

I’d love to have access to this type of report as well @Matte_Zovich. Do you know if this now exists?

Upvoting this feature request. This would be very useful.

Upvoting this! I’m trying to find notes from a particular day, so it would be helpful to access activity by date.

I think it’s safe to assume that Asana will never implement this feature. I mean this ticket has been open for 5 years and they’ve been “closely looking” at the issue since March of 2021 so… you do the math. Back to Jira it is, Atlassian thanks you for your business!

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Upvoting this! It is essential to have a historical user activity.

There’s seemingly currently no meaningful way to export ‘actual’ user time entries from Asana, making it fairly useless for time billing apart from estimated->actual comparisons on individual tasks. Please fix this!

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+1 for historical user activity.

We still really, really need this feature!!!

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I actually bought a basic subscription to Bridge 24 where you can view tasks by different portfolios or project, and then view the history of the tasks. The only issue is that rule actions are clocked as taken by the person who made a rule instead of the person triggering it, but if the person edited something, that will show.

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This feature needs to exist under a person’s profile. You can’t track their commenting/liking activity over the past month??

The need for it isn’t going away.

Watching this topic grow through 5 years and the only workarrwounds available were given by users. A shame that a software company gives this poor suport and less care for his product.

I’m very disappointed and considering other options.