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Hey all! New to Asana and working through some functionality.

Is there any way to see any notes/details attached to a task, in list view? Right now, there is no way to identify whether a task has any details - other than clicking on it and pulling up the detail pane.

Was curious if there is a way to have details more easily viewable.

Thank you!

Hi @Nick_Rivero, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Currently, you do need to open the task pane to view the task description. You can chose to have Tags and specific Custom Fields showing in the List view however, along with Assignee and Due Date.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Got it. So my best bet would be to make a new column and perhaps just call it “notes” or something of the sort. Thanks!

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Hi @Nick_Rivero

I would actually question why you would have a Task with just a name and no other detail?

The task name should be the verb that is the action you are going to take…
The Description should then be what info/background steps etc to complete that task.

The other thing in the List view you will see a little speak bubble which indicates that there are comments on those tasks… As per the below,


The first one indicates there is 1 comment, the second one has 12 comments and 6 subtasks…

Hope this helps…




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