View all tasks you have created


I am the project manager of a project involving ~300 people in five different teams. All teams have 5-20 different projects filled with tasks

To my knowledge, there is currently no possibility to view all tasks that I have created and delegated to other people. This makes it impossible to follow up on all tasks because you simply forget about them. If the assignee doesn’t do anything with the task (comment, likes, completes), you won’t receive anything in my inbox and the task can fall into the big black whole of ignored tasks.

I’d like a simple view of all tasks I have created and delegated to other people (no matter what team or project the tasks are in) to facilitate the follow up process!

Anyone else with similar experiences?


Away from my computer right now, but from memory you can do an advanced search for all tasks where you are the assignee.



I believe you can do this in the Advanced Search per the attached screenshots.


What the others have said, but I usually do it for tasks I’m following. I have searches for each team for incomplete tasks that I follow, and then I just go down the list =) Everyone knows when I do it, too, cause I’m like a one-woman checker-upper spamming their inbox! But it works and is really useful.

I still make sure, on important or priority tasks, to create a follow-up task when I make it - but it would make for a real cluttered my tasks if you did that for every task =)