View all tags in center panel not possible & white space is wasted



In the center pane, no matter how large your display, even on a 5k one, there is lots of white space between the task name on the lhs and the tags, projects, date of the task on the rhs.
The annoying thing is when there are several (more than 2?) they don’t display. Obviously wrong.

I think this is the 5th time I post this, roughly once a year since I use asana. I never had a reply on this and can’t figure out why it would be so difficult to do or else why nobody would agree with me it’s annoying (unless all your tasks are in only one project and your don’t use tags).[poll max=4 public=true]

  • projects & tags should be compressed on the right hand side as it is now in list view
  • Projects & tags should use all the available white space to right of the task name
  • Projects & tags should be displayed in an entirely different way in the list view
  • This is utterly unimportant


Good Morning,
I started using Asana yesterday. After I discovered your Product in the evening I spent the whole night bringing my offline notes from paper do your product.
I am really flashed at the moment by the possibilities.

One topic that I wanted to raise here is the one Paolo mentioned one year ago. Many of my Todos have a short title and i categorize them with tags. But only project + one tag are shown although there is so much space left.
I know that the “my tasks” view has to work also in a browser on mobile, but I nevertheless thing that you can do this a bit more dynamic and grant a larger width to the tags on tablet or desktop views.
Is anything like this planned?