View ALL Projects in Tasks (even though you are not a member of all the Projects)

Hi there, it would be very helpful if task Followers and Assignee can see ALL the Projects that a given task is allocated to - even though the Assignee or Followers are not a member of the Projects - because that way the Assignee will know not to complete the task prematurely.

For example, task A is has a few collaborators, then the Assignee completes the task after they’ve done their part of the task, not realising that task A is also being worked on by other people and is sitting in their project too. Therefore, the task is completed for all the collaborators because the Assignee doesn’t realise that other people are working on the task. Instead, the Assignee can just remove the task from their Project and reassign it to another person.

This is not possible for a privacy reason. What if the task is part of “Fucking stupid tasks my boss wants me to do”? :slight_smile: