Vary times of webinars


Hi there,

I have attended the 101 and 102 webinars and I found them to be quite helpful (great job!). However, the 103 webinar takes place during a weekly recurring meeting of mine. I realize there may be others with this problem. While I know you offer recordings of the sessions, I much prefer to attend live, as the interactive parts of the sessions are part of what I find most successful (I’m a “learn by doing” kind of person).

Would you consider switching up your scheduled webinar times so that they are not always at the same time on the same day of the week? I imagine it’s an easy-ish solution that would help many others.



Hi @emurphy!

Cheers for getting in touch and I am delighted to hear you enjoyed the 101 and 102 webinars. Regarding our schedule, it’s a bit of a tough one to find a balance for as we’re trying to cover as many regions as possible, and when people will actually have the time!

That said, could you direct message me your email address, and let me know where you are based, and I can reach out to you with any live sessions?

I also agree that learning by doing is the best approach, so let’s see what we can do here :smile:




Thanks @Niamh! Just PMed you :slight_smile: