Validate e-mails for guests's tasks placing



There is any method for validating a set of e-mails addresses of guests for the entire organization (not for each user individually) in order that anybody in the organization can receive tasks placed from outside (from guests) via e-mail ?


So you want to allow guests to create tasks by emailing them, but don’t want the guest to have to manually validate the address?

Bastien - Asana Certified Pro
Delegate tasks to a virtual assistant in Asana :computer:


Yes. And even not enter the addresses manually :roll_eyes:


If I summarize, you want people from outside of your company to be able to create tasks in your Asana? They don’t even have to know you use Asana right?


They might know … the point is they use only email and the email should be entered manually and validated. If you have 100+ clients with a few email addresses each (people going and coming from these companies and emails changing) and have to exchange things without them using Asana … the things get difficult to manage


@Alin_Sasu I think the man reason for this validation being put in place is to ensure that your Asana is not overloaded with SPAM tasks.



A while back I thought of a service that would materialize as an email address you can write to that would create tasks. That could work in your case. If you need someone technical to look at your problem, ping me.