UX: Please fill the tab-title in the webbrowser with something useful.

My entry into my tasks is from the “My Tasks” menu on the left. It happens often that I work with more than one task and that those tasks have a long description and I need to scroll.

Then I’d like to jump into another task. Unfortunately I do not know into which tab I have to jump since all tabs have the same title (“My tasks” and the workspace name - which is actually no information for the user.)

Hi @olle.nebendahl and welcome to the Forum!

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us in the Forum! I don’t believe this is in our near-term plans, but this is definitely an interesting feedback and something we will look into improving in the future. You should currently see project names in your tabs as you navigate them, My Tasks, Inbox or Search, but you’re completely right, you can’t see tasks names of more granular information.

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This is actually not the case any more. Some kind of recent change now causes the browser tab to only include the name of the selected task. This is even worse. If I have multiple tabs open it is now impossible to know which one to click on to get to the project I’m looking for. I’d say this recent change costs me at least 20-30 minutes of productivity loss per day as I rarely guess the correct tab. My whole team is experiencing the same thing.

For example, now it might only say “Close accounting books for January - Asana”. Before, if I was looking at a project with this item it would have included the project name before the item title. Before, if I was looking at the task in the Inbox it would have included “Inbox” in the browser tab title. Now that the project or Inbox is not included, it’s really hard to know which tab to click on when I’m moving around asana using multiple browser tabs. I’ve found myself clicking the wrong one now about 50% of the time. Before, I could always click the correct one.

I suggest putting the project name or Inbox or My Tasks as appropriate back at the beginning of the browser tab title. It’s a small thing, but it really affects productivity for those using multiple tabs.

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Totally agree with Adam!!
I keep one tab open for my everyday projects. And now instead of the name of the project it shows the title of the most recent task. Which has turned into a huuuge issue when looking for one specific project.