UX for clicking links


Did you know that when inside the task view, you can hit the three dots to select copy task URL. Super cool, except when you send that link to someone and they click on it, it only opens up that task view pane. It doesn’t show the project view nor teams on the far left. Simple fix, simply hit the x on the task view pane and everything pops up normally. I don’t think that was intentional (or if it was, it seems a little silly)

It doesn’t seem super intuitive and was a little frustrating for a bit until we figured out the trick. Nonetheless, maybe in one of your future bug fixing iterations you could look into a solution for that?


Hey Anne, that’s actually a recent change. When you specifically go to the more options (the three dots) and get the task URL, it provides it in ‘fullscreen’ mode (the little /f at the end of the URL).

Before, it was just the url that you can get from using the address bar (copying the url with the active task open), so I actually like that there’s a differentiation between getting a task-specific url vs that.

I’m assuming, because of that, it’s not a bug (correct me if I’m wrong though yall).

Aside from hitting x, you can just click on the sides and it’ll come back - OR you can just remove the /f from the end of the URL when sending it - OR just copy the URL from the address bar!


You’re correct, Caisha!